Shiraz Neonatal Research Center, establish in December 2010 with the purpose of conducting research and improving the diagnosis and treatment of the  disease and infant mortality, and implementation of the research

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Nenotal Research center New papers

1-Prevalence of Breastfeeding–associated Hypernatremia among Hospitalized Hyperbilirubinemic Neonates.
2-The Relationship between Maternal Serum Magnesium Level and Infant Low Birth Weight in Hafez Hospital, Shiraz, Iran.
3-Effect of Head Covering on Phototherapy-Induced Hypocalcaemia in Icterus Newborns; A Randomized Controlled Trial
4-The Incidence and Clinical Presentations of Galactosemia in Fars province, South West of Iran


Affiliation: Neonatal research center, Shiraz University Of Medical Science, Shiraz, Iran